Our Team

Costas Kaskavalis / Partner - Director of the Company

Born in Athens in 1969 and studied as a Naval Architect in Greece. After the completion of his studies he immediately started working as a Ship broker with a ship broking firm in Piraeus where eventually became a partner. After many years he decided that the time was right to establish his own Company and thus Renaissance Shipbroking was created.

Michalis Sikeridis / Partner

Born in Piraeus in 1962. He became a Master Mariner with post diploma studies in Shipping at Plymouth U.K.

After a few years of service onboard bulk carriers, he decided to focus on the Ship broking/Ship management field. He has started working in a ship owing/ship broking firm where he eventually became partner.

After gaining experience in chartering and management of ships he eventually decided to join forces with the other partners of Renaissance in order to contribute to the development of a ship broking house which would offer a variety of services to its clientele.

Dimitris Paouris / Partner

Born in Piraeus in 1979. Studied Shipping in Greece and had a post diploma in "Shipping and Transport" at U.K.

During his studies he has been working in various Companies with the sole purpose of gaining experience in various fields of the Shipping industry. Eventually he also focused in the ship broking and started working in a ship broking firm since 2005. When the decision for the establishment of Renaissance Shipbroking was taken, he was also eager to participate being an active member of the Ship broking community with high expectations.

Charalambos Papageorgiou / Ship broker

Born in Piraeus in 1981. After completion of his studies and having a rich background due to his family involvement in Shipping he decided to enter the Ship broking area which is highly competitive and demanding with the aim of establishing himself as a capable and efficient ship broker. He is member of Renaissance team since Company's establishment in 2009.

Efi Sikeridi / Ship broker

Efi is a talented and eager to learn and improve, trainee Chartering broker. Having worked in Shipbroking Companies initially in secretarial and administrative positions she expressed her interest to enter in the challenging Chartering business and now she was given such opportunity. Her Shipping background both in terms of family heritage and studies make us believe that she will be a successful addition in our team.

Anna Giatra / Ship broker

Anna, being the junior member of our staff is presently sharpening her skills and enrich her knowledge in Shipping since she is also destined to enter Chartering sector in near future. Shipping studies is also her background along with the support from her family which is also long involved in Shipbroking business.

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